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With so many excellent causes out there, the challenge is deciding who to give to...

TOUCH South Africa is an initiative to bring together a number of hand-picked charities and projects that really make a lasting difference in the way they conduct community development, anti-poverty and upliftment activities across South Africa.

As a corporate or individual donor you can rest assured in the knowledge that the charities we've picked as projects hereon have gone through a selection process to ensure that money donated will be well spent & have an optimal effect. To us this is extremely important, since these are the charities we support ourselves!

Our permanent support to the True South Soup Kitchen in Mbekweni (Paarl, Western Cape) is listed as a project on our project page. If you would like to have more information on the list of all the other causes we are supporting at any given time, please contact us on

TOUCH South Africa is a proud initiative of the True South Foundation, which has been established as the primary vehicle through which True South Actuaries and Consultants executes its charitable activities.

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