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Our vision is...

To serve and glorify God through sport and adventure

Our mission is...

Active participation in Sport Ministry and training to the church and individual for better understanding to:

  • Introduce the Gospel of Christ to the world of sport and adventure.
  •  Proclaiming the Gospel through sport and adventure. 
  • Make known God’s love for people by serving the interests and needs of others.

Our values

• Loyalty
• Spontaneous and relevant Christianity
• Servanthood
• Spiritual Integrity
• Excellence

Our purpose is to

Bring hope to all people by addressing their needs on three levels:
• body (sport and recreation)
• soul (emotional and personal input)
• spirit (relationship with God)

Act as mediator for reconciliation between man and God, and man and man.

Serve the needs of the community, local churches, schools, sportsmen and women, sports unions, scholars and students, people with disability, the International Sports Coalition (ISC) and organisers of major sports events.

We're a people-orientated organization striving for excellence in everything we do. A truly purpose-driven group, SCAS is run by committed believers - energetic visionaries whose passion and concern for people compel them to walk the extra mile.

History of SCAS

SCAS was founded in 1985 by a group of Christian sportsmen and women. At first, fellowship with like-minded people was their main motivation for getting together, but with time it dawned on them that sport was in fact an excellent platform from which to spread the Gospel of Christ. Testifying to the goodness of God in public soon established these men and women as positive role models in the eyes of the adoring public, giving SCAS the kind of credibility and visibility that has seen the organization evolve into the diverse ministry that it is today.

SCAS is an inter-racial and inter-denominational ministry run by a small group of full-time staff who mobilize and rely on volunteers to get the job done.

Our head office is in Stellenbosch.

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