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Dr Allan Bagg of Allan Bagg Ministries recognises that the only reason people are suffering in life today is due to a truth God revealed in the prophetic book of Hosea 4:6 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge'.

Allan Bagg Ministries was formed as a non-denominational Christian ministry with the sole purpose to use every tool available to teach simple, workable instruction from Biblical Scripture to every believer, for practical application, enabling them to live their full potential as human beings who have been reconciled to the Creator of the universe, this being the beginning of wisdom.

In living our full potential as a ministry, we strive to reflect the heart of the Savior Jesus Christ in the communities around us through various outreach projects.  This is either done by Allan Bagg Ministries directly, or through partnering with aid organisations who have the infrastructure to:

  1. Provide nutrition to children from homes where parental and financial poverty is prevalent;
  2. Support orphanages and children at risk as a result of abandonment, HIV/AIDS or abuse of any kind;
  3. Clothing distribution;
  4. Develop entrepreneurship and business skills development;
  5. Develop and educate those seeking to serve God through ministry.

Due to the nature of the needs we cater to, all resources that are received through whichever channel needs to be available for immediate use and as prioritised as opposed to on a project by project basis.  

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