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GivenGain joins hands with GreaterGood

Posted 8 August 2012

In our efforts to assist Causes and Activists in breaking down the various barriers they are faced with, we are proud to announce that the online community of GreaterGood will be merged with the online fundraising tools provided by GivenGain.  "We have the greatest respect for the work GreaterGood does supporting and profiling the work of the social development sector in South Africa," says GivenGain Foundation South Africa CEO, Colin Habberton. "By integrating the Myggsa community with GivenGain, we are pooling our resources and bringing the sector together at a time when it is most needed."

GreaterGood South Africa is a public service organisation connecting givers with good causes and activating the public to give responsibly. "Non-profit organisations are facing very difficult times at the moment," says GreaterGood's CEO Bridgit Evans. "The fundraising environment is tough, with more competition for funds and shrinking international aid. By merging our trusted online community with the sophisticated fundraising and multi-currency payment processing tools offered by GivenGain, we hope to significantly increase exposure for non-profits as well as help them raise the resources they need to keep delivering services on the ground."

GivenGain and GreaterGood SA will work closely to support the 1,400 organisations registered on as they move to the GivenGain environment, offering free online fundraising training sessions, webinars and support. The integration will be fully completed within a year.  "By joining forces, we hope to make it much easier for people to activate for real, sustainable change in their communities," agrees Habberton. 

How can your GreaterGoodSA profile be linked with a GivenGain profile?

As a partnership offering, GreaterGood SA and GivenGain have combined forces to enable any organisation registered on and GivenGain to have an online donation and fundraising link integrated with their GreaterGood SA profile, free of charge. See an example here: Heifer International South Africa

If you have not done so, get your organisation started now!

  1. Apply for a GreaterGood SA Cause account here; or
  2. Ensure that your GreaterGood SA Cause profile is visible and up-to-date
  3. Ensure that your GivenGain Cause profile is visible and up-to-date (guidelines); or 
  4. Apply for a GivenGain Cause account here
  5. Once your GivenGain and GreaterGood SA Cause profiles are set up and visible, both accounts will automatically be integrated by GreaterGood SA within 30 days - there is no need for you to take any additional action in the process.

What are the benefits of GreaterGood SA Causes integrating with the GivenGain service?

  • There are no costs to you as an organisation – the integration is entirely free of charge!
  • Your profile on has additional value by providing a quick donation method and link to make it easier than ever for donors to support your projects.
  • Through the online donation and fundraising pages supporters are able to strengthen their online relationships with your organisation.
  • A significantly higher level of exposure to your funding projects.
  • Free online fundraising training sessions, webinars and support for GreaterGood Causes that register for a GivenGain Cause account after 6 August 2012.

For more information on the GivenGain service, download our GivenGain Solution document.

For more information on the integration or about GreaterGood SA, please contact Princess at GreaterGood SA.