Freeway Football

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The world speaks one common language. It is called Football.                                                   It is a language communicated not in words, but in pictures.

Freeway Football is a community development organisation that recognises the power of sports and media building relationships, identity and pride amongst people faced with poverty. It aims to empower those people to make poverty history.

Freeway Football was inspired by the informal football league that has developed organically alongside the N2 Highway between the Cape Town airport and Somerset West in South Africa. It is made up largely of children, playing in a league consisting of multiple organised teams with names and coaches. The setting is fantastic as the games happen literally on the side of the highway. It is a living story of how the human spirit triumphs despite the poverty that surrounds it.

Freeway Football's story is told through still and moving images, coupled with a ‘social enterprise’ model to sustainably effect a positive impact in the lives of the players and their communities - all stories, waiting to be told.

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