Day 7 - 138 kms Balgowan to Durban

Posted 20 December 2009

Fine mist rain greeted us as we left at daylight for the final run in to Durban.
Earlier I’d searched the faces of my companions, guessing at the thoughts and emotions;
Colleen - happy that the final day had arrived and we could go camping
Hannah - anxious to finish what would be her third 100+ km ride in as many days
Kyle - excited at the prospect of seeing his beloved North Beach after an absence of a year
Me - sad and elated coming to the end of months of planning and anticipation

Apart from Kyle picking up 2 flats within 5kms of each other, the distance was inevitably eaten up, and we cruised into a muggy, overcast Durban at 12pm.

To all involved in this project, thanks for the many prayers, the material and financial contributions, advice, and love so freely given.

We will do the sums in January to see what has been raised for “The House”. Remember it’s not too late to give, so please feel free.

Finally thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ who initiated and helped me fulfil this project.  “In Him we live and move and have our being”

Love to you all, Hans