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The Rockstar Foundation, founded by internet entrepreneur, Adii Pienaar, is a new non-profit organization that provides full academic bursaries to exceptionally bright young girls from impoverished and disadvantaged communities in Cape Town, South Africa.

We provide these academically talented and emotionally resilient girls with the opportunity to achieve a superb education, which would otherwise have eluded them. Due to factors like overcrowded classrooms, as well as overworked and underpaid teachers, the level of education at the majority of public community schools is poor compared that of the semi-private and private schools.  Sadly, this lack of a quality education inevitably affects disadvantaged children’s ability to reach all of their goals and so the cycle of poverty continues.

The Rockstar Foundation, in partnership with three of the top schools in the country, opens the doors for our girls to access the highest quality of education.  Our aim is to help these young girls uplift themselves from their circumstances and introduce them to a world where nothing is impossible with hard work and a solid education.  

The Rockstar Foundation is unique in the sense that our commitment is long term since we carry each girl’s educational costs from Primary School and High School to their Tertiary education.

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Feb 7, 2011