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Ama Wheelies

The Wheelchair Farmers of Thaba Chweu

Ama Wheelies - is a proposed new self help centre for Quadriplegics, in Thaba Chweu (Lydenberg).  The initiative which will cater for all the diverse national groups found in South Africa will not only be a home for the disabled and wheelchair bound quadriplegics, it will also offer them the chance to once again be self sustaining.  We aim to provide accommodation for 25 Quadriplegics and Paraplegics in Thaba Chweu.

The Ama Wheelies self help center will be built in such a way that it is not a financial strain, on either the community or the Government yet still be appealing. The home has to be funded by a host of projects to be developed on site.

Ama Wheelies definitely need more investors or donors to help complete this project and any advice on who should be contacted or even small private donations are most welcome.

Ama Wheelies is registered as a NPO no: (2008/021003/08) in terms of the Non-profit Organizations Act, 1997, all donations will be acknowledged with a receipt.

Please do not hesitate to forward this information to anybody able to offer assistance.

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Ama Wheelies
Apr 28, 2014