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Posted 23 June 2009



About 291 120 students & teachers have decided for Jesus in 446 School  Campaigns to date

We are in a state of REVIVAL among the youth of Cape Town. I am thrilled at the fact that thousands of youth are receiving Jesus daily in our school campaigns.

DRUGS, ALCHOL, GANGS & ABUSES remain among the challenges that these youth go through, yet the messages that we are bringing are working to touch and transform their lives.

We have 3 school teams, whom have been reaching out to 5 schools each a day, 25 per week and 75 to 100 per month.

We are working in collaboration with about 100 churches and organizations that are participating. The local churches and organizations are given the responsibility of adopting the schools for follow-up purposes. Keep watching out TV program on Saturday nights on TBN @ 9pm for regular updates.

GRAND REPORT TO DATE: About 1 400 850 students, teachers and people have decided for Jesus in 159 City Campaigns and 1896 School Campaigns I am delighted and excited to report to you that we have recently made history in our ministry.  
We have recently now lead over 1.4 million people to Jesus in 159 City Campaigns (Since 1996) and 1896 School Campaigns (Since 2002) around the nations of South Africa, Swaziland and Botswana.  

I want to thank all of our friends and financial supporters for all your investments into this far reaching ministry. Without the Lords grace on our lives and your support, none of this would have been possible.

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