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The 4/14 Window - Dr. Dan Brewster

Posted 1 July 2009
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There are no more significant missiological concepts from the last half of the 20th century than the new understandings about God's concern for the peoples of the world, and the realization that most of the peoples of the world who have not heard the Gospel live in the regions now designated as the "10/40 Window." The words nations, tribes, peoples, and languages occur more than 400 times in the Scriptures. It is clear that God is a missionary God. Moreover, missiological reflections on the 10/40 Window provoked a refocusing of mission efforts, and a profound shift in the placement of missionaries, as well as in the strategies for mission for virtually every mission agency and mission minded church in the world. These two principles have enabled mission leaders to focus evangelism efforts in ways never before possible.
There is another "window within the window" however, which may be just as significant as we think of new strategies for mission in the 21st Century. That window is what I call the "4/14 Window."

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