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Petra Institute for Children's Ministry has, since its inception in 1989, focused on leadership training in children's ministry to reach children from birth to 14 years. Over the past 25 years, thousands of leaders from 65 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Far East, have been trained in different aspects of children's ministry.

33 Full-time volunteers - highly qualified and experienced in their different fields - form the staff of the institute, together with 11 paid workers. Several staff members hold masters degrees in theology, counseling or business administration. A management team, formed by heads of divisions, manages the institute. The Board of Basilea, consisting of leaders in different fields of child-related ministries throughout Africa, oversees the activities of the institute.

The institute is registered as a Article 21 company (registration number 1989/003808/08). It is also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (exemption number 18/11/13/2528). In addition, the institute is registered with the American Fund for Charities (registration number AFC774) and with the UK Fund for Charities (reg. no. R2049).

The Petra News is mailed to approximately 13 000 people in 86 countries around the world, once a year. An electronic version is also sent out every second month.  

Training programmes of the institute are registered with the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority, HWSETA ETQA Decision number: HW592PA0400034. Petra Institute offers training in different aspects of children's ministry. This training is done within the framework of partnerships, using relevant and effective training resources, through an extensive system of mentorship and backed by dedicated prayer. Training is offered on basic, advanced and academic levels. It is provided by an extensive team of mentors from various professions, countries and confessional backgrounds. The institute has set itself the task of providing general training in key aspects of leadership in children's ministry. In addition, it has developed expertise in training people for working with children in disadvantaged situations.

Petra Institute is a faith based organisation, called to serve the Christian community by building capacity for childrens ministry.

Petra Institute shares God`s desire that the lost and broken children are found and restored to healing Christian families and communities, to join Him in transforming society.

Relationships - We build relationships of peace and love wherever we can (2 Co 5:18; John 13:35; Mat 5:9)
Respect - We treat others the way we want to be treated (Mat 7:12; 1 Co 13:7)
Integrity - We accept responsibility and are accountable (Gal 6:22-23; Col 3:23)
Servant hood - Following the example of Jesus, we submit to one another as servants (Mark 10:45; Eph 5:21; Gal 6:2)
Listening to God - We seek Gods will above all else (Luk 10:27; Eph 6:18)

The following aspects are central to the strategy of Petra Institute

  • Advocacy
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Leadership formation
  • Relevant and efficient training resources
  • Dedicated prayer
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