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Started in 2001 and registered as an NPO in 2005, Amapondo Children's Project is diverse and ever growing. Our philosophy is to recognize the capacity around us and facilitate through community lead initiatives employment, empowerment and exchange. We are currently involved in a range of initiatives aiming to address unemployment issues, child protection threats, educational needs and animal welfare all through creative community lead projects. Amapondo Childrens Project currently involves:

  • Kulani Craft Project: We are expanding our already successful craft project, targeting young mothers, in a manner that ensures they do not need to leave their young children during the day to fend for themselves. Tragically this is often a time when abuse takes place, hence our passion to facilitate their meaningful employment in a way that ensures the safety of their children.
  • Mtumbane Creche: 70 kids currently cram sardine like into a 40 square meter building supervised by the loving Mama Maria. We have successfully secured funding to build them another room and an ex-volunteer is fund raising to build them a playground.
  • We are working alongside the amazing PSJ animal welfare initiative, addressing welfare issues through educational campaigns, and providing much needed vetinary treatments and sterilisations. We are situated in the heartland of the former homeland, Transkei, South Africa. Whilst a stunningly beautiful natural environment, instilled with local vibrancy, we have the highest unemployment rates in the country.

 If you do have some spare pennies (or a lot!) please click on the big red donate button, and I can assure you we will put them to good use. To find out more about our projects, and fund one directly, go to the projects button. In addition we involve both national and international volunteers, encouraging growth through cultural exchange.

To come and join us, please contact Emily Robertson at Thank you for your time and passion, the Amapondo Crew.

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