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Tiger  Kloof  Educational  Institution  

"Creating new paths in learning, doing and serving” 

Tiger Kloof Educational Institution, near Vryburg in the North West Province of South Africa provides outstanding educational opportunities for both children and adults in a rural area where unemployment is estimated at over 78%. Tiger Kloof's main project has been to re-open the famous mission school formerly known as the Tiger Kloof Native Institution, as a public school on private property. The school offers classes from pre-school to matric, and the Institution's role is to provide support structures that enable the school to develop the whole child.  The remainder of the property is used as a demonstration farm for the training of rural youth and community/emerging farmers in land care, ecologically sustainable farming methods, and household food production.  

Funds are sought for the following Projects:

Primary School:

·        Restoration of historic buildings

·        Sports facilities

·        Bursaries

Secondary School:

·        Bursaries

Environmental and Agricultural Training:

·        Residential Facility

·        Farmer Empowerment Programme

Endowment Fund (Tiger Kloof Educational Institution Trust)

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Sep 29, 2010