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Asia is home to two thirds of the world population and to the three largest blocks of unreached peoples – the Muslims, Hindus and Chinese. We believe the urgency of the harvest in Asia demands from the church an unprecedented spirit of co-operation.

Asian Outreach South Africa is a member of the Asian Outreach Alliance. This Alliance, consisting of 27 offices around the world, is bound together by a common faith in Christ and commitment to proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to Asian people everywhere.


Dr. Paul Kauffman began the ministries of Asian Outreach in 1966. Today, more than 40 years later, Asian Outreach has grown into a frontline mission organization with an associate and Asia-wide network that involves dedicated Christian workers from over 20 nationalities and 27 offices and ministry centers. The Mission being: Winning Asians for Christ.

AO Boundaries...

Asian Outreach is currently working in Asian countries such as Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, North India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Singapore and Malaysia.

AO Core Values...

All Asian Outreach ministries hold to the following core values:

  • to train and launch national leaders;
  • to establish ministry programs that spring from local needs and can be run by the locals;
  • to encourage the Asian church to participate in the grace of giving and sharing;
  • to work side by side with local churches and other mission agencies with the aim to compliment what they do;
  • and to promote total accountability to God, the church, the people we serve, and to one another as co-workers in Christ.

The ministry of Asian Outreach South Africa ...

From the beginning, Asian Outreach South Africa has sought to inform, inspire and involve the South African Christian community in “Winning Asians for Christ”. We work to raise financial resources, prayer support and short-term volunteers for projects initiated by the Asian Outreach field offices.

We see Asian Outreach South Africa as being: “A window through which we can experience God at work in Asia, and an open door through which we can respond to His challenge to be involved in His work in Asia.”

Asian Outreach South Africa is registered as a Non-profit organization in South Africa: 033-560-NPO.

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