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The Vision of the National Institute for the Deaf is to develop the full potential of every person with hearing loss.

The Mission of the National Institute for the Deaf is:

  • to empower all persons with hearing loss to reach their full potential through education, development, training, social services and spiritual care; 
  • to provide these services and make them accessible to persons with hearing loss; 
  • to promote charitable activities, in particular to develop and care for needy and multiple-disabled deaf persons;
  • to raise funds for this purpose.

Who are we

The National Institute for the Deaf (NID) started in 1881 as the Doofstommen Instituut.

Since inception more than 132 years ago, the NID became the foremost organisation providing all-inclusive services to the Deaf and people living with hearing loss in South Africa and Africa.

Being a Non Profit Company (NPC), NID is responsible to generate more than 90% of our budget, and do rely seriously on donations, grants and contributions, mostly from the public, business, organisations and individuals.

For more than 132 years, our values set in Christian norms and principles are the driving force for NID to develop the full potential of every person with hearing loss.


NID College

NID College provides a selection of high quality, accredited occupational training programmes. In addition, the students are equipped with life- and communication skills for sustainable careers.

Deaf Christian Ministry Africa

Approximately 400 000 deaf people in South Africa do not have access to the Gospel! DCMA trains deaf pastors and ministers to go out and minister to the Deaf in need.

NID Academy

The NID Academy renders support services aimed at improving the quality of life of people with hearing loss. These services include interpreting, training, disseminating knowledge, and particularisation of material as well as social and therapeutic support.

Shalom & Rusoord

At the two homes in Worcester and Bellville an environment is created where our elderly Deaf can comfortably communicate, socialise and safely live amongst each other in their autumn years. This also includes care of physically-disabled Deaf and Deaf-blind persons.


NID creates a therapeutic, caring community and offer sustainable care, development and training programmes for multiple-disabled deaf adults and deaf persons with special needs, in residential care and protective workshops.

Subsidised autonomous departments

De la Bat School for the Deaf provides education to deaf learners and learners with hearing loss from the age of three to grade 12.

Two congregations for the Deaf in Worcester and Bellville fulfill the spiritual needs of the deaf community. Supported by the NID, these two congregations get in touch with the deaf community in the Western Cape and neighboring areas.