Global Relief

The GRf staff fund

1,720.00 ZAR of 360,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far, with 4 Activists helping out

Global Relief's work is done by skilled volunteers who give of their time for free to support disaster-stricken communities. Medical staff, psychologists, engineers and others are on standby to be mobilised at short notice.

These volunteers need the backup of support staff to design projects, manage budgets, organise logistics etc., to create a working environment for them. Help us build a staff fund to appoint administrative, fundraising and other personnel.

With R360 000 we can support two staff members for a year. We are especially looking for monthly donations but your once-off donation is also welcome!

Thank you for your support! You are a vital link in the GRf network.

22 October 2010 - Project Leader: Andries Louw in Projects / Staff