Global Relief

IRAQ GRf Emergency Fund - Blankets,Playground equipment for displaced children

46,865.00 ZAR of 500,000.00 ZAR Project Target raised so far, with 6 Activists helping out*

The need is overwhelming - with nearly 2 million desperate people we assist our co workers in their effords to assist with food aid to destitute families. Please support !

Blanket and food aid :  We have distributed food parcels and blankets to displaced families to survive for a month.  ! The need is overwhelming. Winter is coming and they have desperate need for BLANKETS.

Help for displaced people: The survivors fled without  their belongings and are in desperate need of basic necessities.

They experienced horrific encounters and need coping skills, opportunities to relate, retell, share their pain.

Playgrounds for children:  We are also sending teams to build Jungle Gym wooden playgrounds, do  "kite" making - and  puppet projects etc.


Please support!! Global Relief (GRf) is in contact with groups in the Middle East who are working  in Multitude camps for internally displaced people ( IDP) and know best what the changing priorities of the IDP's are. Your donation towards the GRf emergency fund will enable us to support these groups as they are addressing the most urgent needs of survivors. Please specify how to use money: AID TO VICTIMS or WHERE MOST NEEDED:

Projects: foodaid, blankets, water-, playground -, publishing-, trauma counseling

facebook: globalrelief management

23 March - Project Leader: Loffie Schoeman in Projects / food aid to needy in Iraq

* This project has received donations in currencies other than ZAR, so due to fluctuating exchange rates, the amounts shown here are estimates.