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About this Project

Who are we?

Hey, we're just two (now three) average guys from Cape Town South Africa. Liam has a masters in criminology and is a jack-of-all trades. Evan aka "Gandalf" is a a third year science student at UCT by day. With our powers combined, we are committed to fighting off Sauron's evil forces of unemployment and lack of education by night! Rob works for Golf Data at Pearl Valley Golf Estate in Paarl (yes, THAT GOLF COURSE), but right now is on unpaid study leave, finishing up a diploma in Landscape Design at CPUT. So he's a sports fanatic with a mean handicap (and likes long walks on the beach?!?!).

(Please note, none of us have ever been in a metal band.)

What are we doing?

Glad you asked! Well, there are 1600-1700cm square of skin on the average male arm and hands. We are going to cover our skinny (we mean 'buff') arms in full-length Henna tattoo sleeves!

More specifically, we will have the word 'love' translated into multiple languages (there are over 7000 in the world at least!) and have these tattooed onto our arms. Shoulder to wrist. For maybe as long as 2 weeks!

Evan is going to face the orcish hordes on campus, defying social stigmas and ostracisation that science nerds (I mean, students) are faced with.

Liam is playing in an inter-provincial sports tournament from 21 to 23 March and wants to promote the cause publicly to the spectators.

Rob has to face both campus stigma and also getting disapproving nods from the pros on the course!

Why are we doing it?

Unemployment is rife in South Africa, though it is of course a global issue. Education is one of the root causes of this situation and needs as much social, financial and political investment as it can get. Click on the links below for more facts. Yes, it;s something different. Yes, maybe WE'RE different. But we want to contribute (with your help)!

How can you help?
Donate! Please donate to this cause, by hitting the donate button above and following the steps that follow.

Where will your money go?

1. Paradigm Shift - a programme where small business owners are given the opportunity to obtain formal business training, mentorship and discipleship.
2. NETwork - a project where unemployed people are given access to work opportunities, and a number of capacity building programmes including job readiness.
3. Three Literacy Programmes – from Kewtown to Constantia, hundreds of children are given additional support, enabling them to read and learn well!

More specifics are available here: http://gigaf.org/Z7JI72

Links to check out:
TWD website -

TWD facts on SA - http://gigaf.org/Zl75YC

UNICEF - South Africa website

Also, though not a specific partner in this particular endeavour, we encourage you to check out this link for 'To Write Love On Her Arms'. (http://twloha.com/) A great organisation that is spreading very positive messages! :-)
— 14 June 2013

This project benefits "That Was Different (TWD) - Solo Activist" , a program of Common Good Foundation.

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