Rocking the Daisies 2013 TREES FOR TICKETS: Life and Music. To me, one and the same.

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Music may be my oxygen, but it remains metaphorical only, without trees

I have never been to Rocking the Daisies. As a musician, and a lover of outdoor music festivals, there is something quite wrong with this statement.

If I can combine that which metaphorically brings me life, music, and that which is literally a sustenance of life, trees, then this experience would be above and beyond what I had anticipated. Won't you help? Donate a tree, and help me get to Rocking the Daisies. I promise, in return, to write you a song and play it at the Armchair Open Mic on the 17th of September.

One tree is R100 and I need 10 trees to qualify. Now here is the COOL part: After Greenpop plants your tree, you will get a certificate with the GPS coordinates and a maplink of where the tree is planted, so you can see exactly where your tree is growing!For more details about Greenpop, visit
— 26 September 2013

This project benefits "Greenpop", a program of Heart.

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Abigail Ornellas